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Here's more About us.

[Raheemisblind for Pain Tolerance's Face Your Demons Spring 2021 collection.]

Pain Tolerance, before anything, is a self-awareness brand.

We’ve notice such a significant lack of self-confidence and self-love with the creative industry and the younger generation affected by it.
Our purpose as a brand is far past just putting on an outfit, high quality cut and sew fabrics,  and graphics tees but gives you a reminder to self reflect and express how you feel without saying any words at all.
Our brand is a reminder to yourself and the people around you to face life and its problems head on and not fail, not because anyone tells you to, but because you know your potential to be great more than anyone ever can! And trust us when we say everyone will be asking what you're wearing and where you got your clothing from. 
Hint: When someone asks you about what you're wearing and what it means, that's you reminder and ice breaker to express your inner self!